Lifes a Beach


boat_001So I decided again today to raid the destination guide in Second life. This sim was under editors picks.  Its called Baja Shore and it is stunning.  There are beach houses to rent and the view from them is incredible. The creators have really created a masterpiece. Well, today I decided to sort some landmarks I had.  I came across Stars a clothes store, which to be honest, is totally excellent.  The prices are very cheap. The outfit I have on here was 99l that includes the boots.  Also, what I really love about it, is the fact it comes with a texture HUD, so I can change the colours of it all. I love this pink, you can also change the belt too. If you haven’t checked them out, then I really would today.

My Head is by Catwa Skye Static

My Skin is WOW Preziosa (Group Gift for March)

My Hands Vista prohands Vista Animations

Hair Phoenix Mara in Blonde  This was a lucky letter gift Phoenix Hair Shop

Shorts, T shirt and boots are from stars Stars Fashion Mall

Through The Looking Glass


Snapshot_001This is a wonderful sim.  Its called Through the Looking Glass. So very well designed.  Take a look for yourself, you wont be disappointed. This outfit was from a new designer to MAAM.  ITs made by ASIA.  Its the group gift.  The boots are even included.  This is all made for maitreya and I have used no alpha hiders. It fits well, and is well worth putting on your MAAM group tag and running over.

Body My Maitreya as Always

Skin WOW Prendozia in Tan  Group Gift

Head Catwa Skye

Hair Excess  Citron A in blonde

Shape is Lara Maiterya



Dream a little dream of me



Today I came across the  Liaison Collaborative. Because it was the sims 4th birthday, it had a lot of free gifts from some amazing designers. Its well worth a look. Also, some of the amazing things for sale are totally mind blowing.

Anyway, I have a new obsession of following the Second Life editors picks.  Today I chose this beautiful sim to take my pictures. It is called Rains Drift. I have never seen anything quite as beautiful. Its a place I would take a sweetheart for sure.

My shopping bag today contains

Mesh Body Maitreya Lara as always

My Skin in WOW preziosa (group gift for march)

My Hair is EmO-Tions Ulrika which is the free gift from TLC

My Dress is Neve Shifty Spring Lara (free gift TLC)

My Bracelet is called Pandora made by HU (free gift TLC)

My Boots are femme fatale Andrea Suede boots (free gift from TLC)

Keep shopping and see you next time


Forest of Wonder


cassidysn 1_002.png Well today I came across a beautiful forest, which was actually on the destination guide.  It is truly beautiful, I loved the way the sun shone through the trees. I felt at peace and very happy. As you know I am a member of all the mesh groups in second life, This dress is actually a promo.  So I tp’d over to the destination and I couldn’t believe how many beautiful dresses there was.  Also, most of them came with shoes and boots. The boots I am wearing here came with this dress.

My mesh body is Maitreya LARA as always

My Mesh Head is CATAWA Skye static head

Hair is by Exxess Citron A in blonde

My Dress and boots are by GeMyles sinead mini dress and Amber thigh high boots

The beautiful location is Devin 1 and 2




Beach Dreams


first-blog_002I love the beach so much in second life.. Relaxing, listening to music and enjoying the scenery.  There are some great places here, the creators are so very talented.

Today, I have decided to visit a place called oyster bay. It is beautiful, there are even seals sitting on a rock in front of me . I have been going crazy for a hunt this week. The Twisted hunt is a hunt unlike any other.  It is mind blowing, but the rewards are well worth it. Also, its MARCH!! yay so its the start of new group gifts month. I hope to post a few of these over the coming days.

Today I am wearing

Mesh body:  Maitreya Lara

Skin is WOW Prezosia Tan (MArch Group Gift)

Hair:  Aura Milly Mesh in Blonde

Top: LRS (Mesh Manias Group Gift) Sailor top maitreya Applier

Shorts: Egoxentriax kelly shorts in black… maitreya applier

Shoes:  KC Suami Heels in black



Well.. this is my first blog post. I am happy to join the world of second life bloggers. I am a crazy group gift, lucky letter, midnight mania and Hunt fan.  I will post all my finds on this page to help you guys who really love a bargain. Mostly I am trying to post for free, but sometimes things may be such a bargain I will publish those too.

I hope you will find this useful and a great guide to not spending so much money in this exciting new life.  Also, help a few newbies out.