The Lilly Pond

Blogger 1_001Looking from the garden bridge

Nestled in the Shaded glade,

Capturing the beauty of a lily pond,

 a creation God Has made.

I am at a lilly pond today at this beautiful sim. It is picture perfect so I decided to share it with you. Just on front of me is a table full of wonderful Breakfast treats, tempting to say the least!!.

I have just joined the Fitmesh Designers Expose as a blogger. I would like to show you, over the next few posts, what the wonderful designers are offering.

This very cute little outfit is by a designer Shae’s Designs.  Both items are made for most of the main mesh bodies, plus fitmesh for the classic avatars. My body is Maitreya Lara , it fits very well, no need to even use alpha hiders!! which I love.

Mesh body:  Maitreya Lara

Skin:  7 Deadly Skins Dawn for Catwa

Mesh Head: CATWA Destiny

Crop top:  Shae’s Tori Tank Top in Purple

Shorts:  Shaes Kimberly Purple Passion shorts

Sim Information: Pandora Resort, Hurricane

Fitmesh Designers Expose: FitMesh Designers Expose


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